How to create your ideal, clutter-free workspace

There is no single 'perfect' workspace: it's as unique as the person who works in it and the art they create.

It doesn't matter how small your space is or what your style is — take the time to discover the ideal workspace for you.

So while we can't give you a step-by-step walkthrough, we can share some of our favourite tips in this post.


Less is more

Take cues from the limited spaces, yet beautiful styling, of bathrooms and only keep items on your desk that are used often or have been intentionally styled. 

Your desk is where you come to get important work done, so a clutter-free space is not a 'nice to have'... it's non-negotiable

Declutter as you go

Consciously work towards developing the habit of maintaining a tidy desk, and avoid letting things pile up.

Trying to tackle, bit-by-bit, a consistently messy desk will take more time and effort than clearing the mess completely, which then only requires minimal effort to keep it that way.

This reduces clutter and turns your desk into a 'focus' zone but it will also set the standard for the rest of your workspace. It's just like making your bed every morning. Decide on a time (for example, right after you finish working) to put things back in their place. And don't just move it off your desk. It's a simple, effective habit that rewards you with a fresh, clean space every time you're ready to work.

A place for everything

If everything has a place in your workspace, it's less likely that stray items will end up scattered and neglected on your desk. Choose the storage solution that works best for you and your space. There is plenty of inspiration on Pinterest with tips and tricks to transform your space and take your storage and organisation to the next level.

It's also much easier to stay on top of what you own if things are grouped together. You'll be less likely to impulsively buy more of a particular item if you can see how many you already have. 

A space to match what you do

Whatever your medium is, your workspace should be designed to accommodate your tools of the trade and to suit your workflow.

Don't focus on finding the single right way to organise your space — only what can help make you more productive and work better.

It's not the size of the space, it's the way you use it

It's easy to use size as an excuse, but it's time to end that line of thinking. There are so many ways to transform a small space, it just requires an open mind, patience and some creative thinking (aka lots of Pinterest scrolling).

Every space has its challenges but don't limit yourself because of it. The best solutions can come out of what initially presents itself as a problem. Always look again. 

Build a space that you love, and it will love you right back

Functional and practical workspaces are important, but creating a space that you love and enjoy working in makes a world of difference. It could be as simple as adding a plant, displaying your favourite quote or lighting a candle — small things that spark positive feelings and double as motivation boosters.

It's important to ignore the trends sometimes and go with your gut on how you want your space to look and feel. After all, it is your space.