The Story Behind The Change: Jay and Em is now... Planned By Jysla!

Jay and Em was started by my sister and me (Mon and Jess… M and J… Jay and Em… get it?!) way back in 2014. It was originally a party and DIY supplies store. But since we opened the shop, my sister has had two kids (!!) so as you can imagine, her days have been jam packed as a busy working mum.

It was a natural transition for me to take over the shop and for it to evolve into what it is today. When I was in high school, and more importantly when I was studying at uni, I learnt the value of being organised. I learnt how important it was to stay on top of everything if I wanted to minimise stress levels and still have time for hobbies. I spent a lot of time on my fashion/lifestyle Instagram account (@jyslakay) around this time while working on the shop (very) infrequently.

It wasn’t until after uni (6 years of it!) that I started to really think about my shop and what direction I wanted to go in. I was completely obsessed with planning and printables at this point. I loved the clarity that planning would bring. It felt like goals were achievable and within my reach when I took the time to devise a plan.

I was perfectly happy keeping the name Jay and Em because it had sentimental value to me. But I got a lot of feedback that I had outgrown the name and that I should make it more personal to me and relevant to what I create.

And so, Planned By Jysla was born. (Jysla Kay is the name I’ve been using for my fashion/lifestyle account and photography for over 10 years now and even though it’s the name of my ‘alter ego’ it still feels very much a part of me and a no brainer to use.)

I am so excited for this next chapter for the shop and I can’t wait to bring you along with me! (See a little sneak peek of the logo being create in my studio vlog.)

With so much love,