Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
—Theodore Roosevelt



My favourite kind of people are the ones who are always moving forward. The ones who aren't afraid to do things their own way. The ones with quiet ambition and unshakeable self-belief. The ones with an insatiable desire for knowledge. The ones with kindness and authenticity bursting from them.

These are the people I create for.

Everyone has different reasons for using a planner, but we all share a common goal. To live our best lives. To make the most of every minute. To make time for what matters.

Designing printables is a labour of love. My approach to design, like my approach to life, is minimal and simple. It is so important to understand what works or doesn't work for you. Just like my printables: you are a work in progress. There is always room to grow, improve or change.

Success looks different for everyone but I hope I can provide you with the tools to bring you closer to your goals with a clear mind and full heart. 


You can find me on Instagram @jayandemshop and Facebook, or via email.

I have a personal blog at Jysla Kay where I write about minimal fashion, travel, my photography work and musings on life.

My portrait photography can be found at Long Form Studio which I run with my partner Kevin.