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You’ve downloaded your new printables… now it's time to print!

Below is where you'll find the Printing Guide but also some additional free resources to make your life easier.

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Printable SIZEs

148 x 210mm

148 x 105mm (exactly half of A5)

95 x 171mm

Printing Guide


The print quality of your printables largely depends on your printer and paper quality.

Standard paper (80gsm) will work just fine and is best suited for daily printables and notes but for more durable, thicker pages, I recommend paper with a weight of 100gsm or higher.

Tip: cut then print

The easiest way to print your planner pages is to pre-cut paper to the correct size, change your printer settings to reflect the correct page size and then print directly. (I personally prefer printing directly on pre-cut paper as I find it easier to mix and match printables to print on the reverse side.)

Print settings

Always remember to choose the correct paper size and print the actual size at 100%.

Scale / Actual size: 100%

With every printable, you will also receive a 2 to page version with crop marks if you prefer to print onto paper of different size.

Crop marks indicate where to cut. You should cut up to the corner, but not through it until you’ve cut all the sides otherwise you’ll lose the crop marks. I’ve added a small offset between the crop marks and printables to allow for some error while cutting.

Punch Guide

If you already have an adjustable 6 hole punch, then you're good to go! But if you only have a single or 2 hole punch: I've prepared a template that you can download and keep in your planner for quick and easy hole punching.

It’s easy to use: put the guide on top of your printables to see where to hole punch.

Click on the images to download the free punch guide for your planner size.

I hope this guide helps you get started with printing your new planner pages.

If you run into any issues or have a question, please send me an email at!